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"Comfort" dogs (also called Therapy or Facility dogs) are therapeutic resource dogs who work with their partner in a special setting, often a police department, school, or assisted living facility. They may be called upon to help with crisis events. They are different than service or Emotional Support dogs in that their "job" is to help many people and not just their handler. They go to work regularly and are part of the staff.  These special dogs are trained to respond to crisis events and bring a sense of calm, reduce stress levels and improve physical, emotional and cognitive functions. They are highly trained and therapy certified and have a unique set of skills. Comfort dogs live with their handler (and his or her family)

The therapy program, #teamboonefield is comprised of volunteers who have been certified and in addition to crisis calls, many teams make regular visits to schools, libraries, hospitals, etc. to provide a break from the daily challenges people are facing. Our goal is to bring smiles and reduce stress.

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