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Comfort and Therapy Dogs

At Boonefield Labradors, we believe in the power of giving back to the community.  To date, we have donated eleven dogs to police departments throughout New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.  We also have dogs working in various capacities such as schools, funeral homes, clinics, hospitals, court houses along with State and local law enforcement agencies providing much needed consolation and well-being.   #teamboonefield



Hank is the first Comfort Dog we placed into a police department.  He and his handler SRO McNamara received their therapy dog certification in early 2018 and began working at the Lunenburg (MA) High School that fall.  They are part of the K9 First Responders program and have assisted in events throughout New England.  Hank is a celebrity in Lunenburg and has quite a fan club. 


Follow Hank’s Instagram to see the work Officer Hank does in the community with his partner Officer Brad McNamara.



Merle retired from our breeding program and now lives and works in Westminster, MA with his dad, Nate.  He is a registered comfort/therapy dog.  Working together as a team, Merle and Nate cover school and community events. 


Follow Merle on Instagram.


Luna is the first comfort dog to be placed with the Massachusetts State Police.  She spends her days working with Trooper Chad Tata in the Employee Assistance Program.  Luna and Trooper Tata also cover many community events. 


Follow Luna on her Instagram page.



Bristol (RI) Police Department K9 Brody is the department's first Therapy/Comfort dog in training.  Watch for Brody and his handler Officer Keith Medeiros at schools, libraries, senior centers and community events. 


Follow Brody on his Facebook and Instagram pages.


Mack works in the Montague (MA) Police Department as a comfort dog.  He is looking forward to meeting everyone in the community and excited to meet students in the school district.  Look for Mack and his handler SRO Miner in the community. 


Follow Mack on his Instagram.



Ziva is the very first certified therapy dog for Cournoyer Funeral Home in Jaffrey (NH) and is continuing her exposure at the funeral home and out in the community.


She loves people and is a very exuberant greeter! It is their hope that she will bring comfort to those grieving families who request her in this new and very gentle way. 



Finn belongs to the Douglas (MA) Police Department and is a cute ball of playfulness.  He and his handler Officer Fulone are anxious for school and meeting the students.  

Finn was featured on Good Morning America as the Pet of the Week.

Follow Finn on his Instagram page.



Margaux has retired from our breeding program and is now training with the Massachusetts State Police.  She will be with the Employee Assistance Unit responding to crisis situations with her handler, Trooper Ken Proulx.  She'll be seen wandering classrooms in the school district as well.

Follow Margaux on her Instagram page.


Duke is in training in Williston, VT to become Vermont's first police therapy dog.  He and Officer Matt Cohen are excited about the possibilities of this program.  

Follow Duke on his Instagram page as he fulfills his duty and helps those in need to feel safe and supported.  



Officer Winston was sworn into the ranks of the Amherst, Massachusetts Police Department on September 9, 2020 as the department's first comfort dog.

Winston, along with his partner Officer Bill Laramee work as the department's community outreach team.  Winston and Officer Laramee are an active and visible part of the department and spend much of their day out in the community making positive connections.

As a young officer Winston is still in the process of learning his surroundings and his role within the department but the goal is to be able to assist victims of crimes, provide grief management support, and support first responders in the aftermath of critical incidents.  In his off time, Winston enjoys spending time with his family, walks in the woods, and rides in the truck.

Follow Winston on his Instagram page.



Walter is Boston Center for Memory’s (BCM) first therapy/comfort dog in training. BCM is a multi-specialty diagnostic, treatment, and research center for patients with Alzheimer's disease and related dementias. Walter provides affection, comfort and support to BCM's patients, their families, caregivers and staff. He brings so many smiles and joy and loves meeting new people. 


Follow Boston Center for Memory across all social media pages to see Walter on his training journey. Follow Walter on Instagram and Facebook, and look for updates on Boston Center for Memory’s website.



What is a therapy dog?

Therapy dogs play a different helping role than service dogs and emotional support animals.  They aren't trained to live with a specific handler.  Rather, these are dogs that - with their human teammate (often the dog's owner) - volunteer in clinical settings, such as hospitals, mental health institutions, hospices, schools, and nursing homes, where they provide comfort, affection, and even love in the course of their work.  Therapy dogs are trained to be comfortable in new environments and to interact with different people.  They must have a calm temperament, be unfazed by unfamiliar noises and movements, be comfortable being handled, and love people.

All visits from Boonefield Therapy Dogs are 100% free of charge, insured, and liability protected at all times.  Each dog/handler team is individually certified and trained through the National Alliance of Therapy Dogs organization.  Our visits are designed to cater to your organization or program.  If you are interested in learning more about scheduling a visit, contact us here.  Please include "Therapy Dog Visit" in the subject line.

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