Handy Hill Annie Oakley


(CH Aquarius Lobuff Liddle Pvt. Nicholas at Brookstone CGC X Handy Hill Abracadabra)

There aren’t enough words, or at least the right words, to adequately pay tribute to our sweet Annie Oakley. She was our heart dog. We were so fortunate to love her for 23 incredible months and 7 days, but that wasn’t nearly enough. We wouldn’t take back one day of her short two years on this earth. Oh, she could be a stinker, a rebel, and a tad bit destructive; but she more than made up for all those things. She was loyal, she was smart, so beautiful and amusing. She was spoiled and she was loved beyond belief. She was a one of a kind, larger than life best friend and we miss her terribly. Though she left us broken-hearted, she gave us many wonderful memories and an amazing son. We laid her to rest at the edge of the field, under her favorite apple tree with her blanket and tennis ball so that she would always watch over Boonefield for us. Rest In Peace sweet angel, until we meet again.