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In July 2021, Officer Beko passed away unexpectedly shortly after a routine medical procedure. The Great Barrington, MA Police Department was devastated, along with his partner, Officer Kristopher Balestro, and his family; Darlene, Chelsea and Madison. In Officer Beko's short career, he brought comfort and happiness to so many people in the community and beyond. To all who he touched, may his memory be a blessing.

In December of 2021, our Boonefield family stepped up to honor Beko's memory with a fitting tribute to an incredible dog, man and program! As much as we wish we could change the circumstances, we first believe he had another equally important job to do and it wasn't here on earth, yet we grieve.

Your work here is done sweet boy. You've earned those wings and we await a beautiful reunion one day. Watch over your dad and family and send them a sign every once in a while. We will love you forever!



Boone was the first and boy oh boy did he set that bar high! Though he was never part of our breeding program, he was the reason we fell in love with labs and ultimately started our own program, named after him of course. He came to us at a particularly challenging time, and I will always be indebted to him not only for getting us through it, but for instilling a love for therapy work and a deep desire to share those experiences with others. Boone never knew the impact he had, the lives he changed or the comfort he brought people, but through our program his memory and his legacy will live on forever! What he did know though is that he was loved more than most people ever get to experience.  He was truly my best friend and I miss him like crazy, but I know he has an equally important and rewarding job he's doing over the bridge. I have no doubt there is quite a therapy program up there. Someday we will be reunited, until then we will keep making you proud Boonie Boy!

Murphy 3.jpg


Murphy was our first yellow stud dog and couldn't have been any more perfect!  "Clifford" we often called him because he was just so big and gentle.  Though he only sired a few litters for us, they were absolutely outstanding with his fun, easy going personality.  His puppies carry that beautiful big head and soft eyes. Murphy made quite an impact and is sorely missed.

Oakley in winter full grown.jpg


There aren’t enough words, or at least the right words, to adequately pay tribute to our sweet Annie Oakley.  She was our heart dog. We were so fortunate to love her for 23 incredible months and 7 days, but that wasn’t nearly enough. We wouldn’t take back one day of her short two years on this earth. Oh, she could be a stinker a rebel, and a tad bit destructive; but she more than made up for all those things. She was loyal, she was smart, so beautiful and amusing. She was spoiled and she was loved beyond belief. She was a one of a kind, larger than life best friend and we miss her terribly. Though she left us broken-hearted, she gave us many wonderful memories and an amazing son. We laid her to rest at the edge of the field, under her favorite apple tree with her blanket and tennis ball so that she would always watch over Boonefield for us. Rest In Peace sweet angel, until we meet again.



Our sweet little "Miss Understood" got her wings in 2021. Loving Piper was so easy, but trying to figure her out was always a challenge. She struggled with more anxiety than any dog ever should from the long car ride home until her last day.  She is the reason we got into breeding and why we work so hard at desensitizing puppies early! 

Though she never had puppies of her own, she mothered every single one that was born here and always insisted on impeccable manners.  There are so many things we miss about her, but the biggest one is her cuddles.  Nap time with mom was her favorite and she'd snuggle in just as tight as possible.  Until we get there sweet Piper - sweetest dreams and keep that bed warm!

Winston Pic.jpg


Officer Winston was sworn into the ranks of the Amherst, MA Police Department on September 9, 2020 as the department's first comfort dog. Winston, along with his partner, Officer Bill Laramee worked as the department's community outreach team. Winston and Officer Laramee were an active and visible part of the department and spent much of their day out in the community making positive connections until mid 2022 when he passed away after a sudden illness. The attendance and support at his memorial service certainly was a reflection of the impact he made in his short career.

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