Pupdate 3/4/21

After much reflection we have decided to cut back considerably on the litters we had planned to breed and we are NOT planning to open back up May 1st. Many factors played into the decision. We never intended to grow at the rate we have and are ever mindful of our desire to produce quality dogs over quantity. As you know, our program is much different than most and the emotional and financial investments are huge. When we open back up (hopefully by next year) it will be on a smaller scale with a re-focus on Comfort/Therapy work (because that was always the goal) and priority will be given to them and our Boonefield family. We won’t be carrying wait lists or collecting deposits as we have in the past but posting availability on a per litter basis. There will still be a rigid screening process.

While we know this is disappointing to many of you, we must do what’s best for us and appreciate your understanding and support. If you currently have a deposit down we will be sending refunds within the next few weeks and will reach out to you. Though we hope to fill the requests we have, it might be later in the year. If you were on the lists, waiting for an appointment and wish to still be considered (knowing it will likely be later in the year) let us know that as well and we will reach out when we have availability.

We also know many of you will have questions and we will answer them as soon as we can. Please be patient. A typical day means 20+ new emails a day here. It’s just not possible for us to answer each one immediately. We will update here when things change.


We do NOT sell puppies on full registration (with breeding rights) Our puppies are sold with a spay/neuter contract. We’ve worked very hard at creating a program we are proud of and we don’t take that lightly. Our breeding dogs are carefully selected based on many factors and we are happy to discuss those with new families. A tremendous amount of research goes into each breeding!

Our girls are only bred 2-3 times. We believe that though they love being mamas, there is much more ahead for them with most going into therapy “jobs”. They have enormous potential. Though we have a couple stud dogs in our program, you won’t see them being used over and over. Again, breeding is only a part of who they are. We may have a couple litters with a boy, or we may decide that he’s not a suitable prospect. Our goal is to improve our program with each breeding and keep it diverse. In most cases we will use a proven outside male.


We do a tremendous amount of research to find the appropriate stud dogs for our girls based on what we want for our program.  Our lists are quite long; don't wait if you're interested.  Please keep in mind that we reserve the right to keep a pup/puppies first from each litter.


Important Info Regarding Puppy Placement


We take what we do very seriously and carefully vet all prospective puppy owners thoroughly.


  • The first step after we receive your inquiry is completing our questionnaire. It gives us a lot of information about you and your lifestyle and helps us help you pick the puppy that is the best fit for your family.

  • Once reviewed, we will set up a time for your family to come out and visit with us and the dogs. This is a required meeting and all family members must be present. We prefer speaking directly to telephone calls.

  •  Assuming all goes well, you are invited to place a deposit which will secure your place (and pick number) on the list.

  • When the litter is born, you will be notified. If we are unable to accommodate you, you will be given the option of moving your deposit to the next litter or receiving a refund.

  • Visits are not scheduled in the two weeks before delivery date or for the first 3 weeks after puppies arrive.

  • Please keep in mind that this process typically takes place well before puppies are born. Our wait-lists are generally quite long. By the time the puppies arrive, they usually have all been promised. If you are interested in a puppy do not wait.

  • We build relationships and invite you into our family. We do not simply sell puppies.

  • Deposits are non-refundable if YOU cancel.

  •  We reserve the right at ANY time and for ANY reason to cancel the agreement.


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