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Olive came to me in November of 2017 and has been such a joy and inspiration both personally and professionally since day one. Leading up to her adoption, I had several conversations with Boonefield Labrador’s about my needs and lifestyle and they did their best to pair me with a dog who was ready to retire from the breeding program and begin a new and meaningful “career.” The care and effort they put into matching me with Olive was crucial for our foundation and our relationship and I believe the main reason for our success. 
Adopting a dog is such an important and major life choice and I have always felt supported by Boonefield Labradors from the moment I entertained the idea of adopting, to just last week when I wanted their advice on how to best treat her upset stomach or which brand of treats I should purchase. Their expertise and knowledge about their dogs and breeding is both impressive and comforting and has provided me with a great amount of trust for them and for every dog they raise. The love they have for their dogs extends far past adoption and continues on no matter where they are or who they are with. 
Olive now spends her days serving as a Peer Support Pup for my Middle and High School Youth Center in Hillsborough, NH and could not be a more perfect fit. Olive’s demeanor, paired with her careful and intentional upbringing at Boonefield, created a trustworthy and compassionate dog that I know I can depend on. The youth I work with have a wide range of social-emotional challenges and come from very high-risk home and community environments where there are obstacles to overcome every day. This beautiful pup has worked so hard to gain the trust of my at-risk youth and has won the hearts of many. Olive’s best experience was when she patiently crawled towards two young boys with autism who had a known fear of animals, yet she somehow knew to wait for them to be ready. Months went by until one day, Olive had crawled into their laps and spent an hour laying with them while they patted and snuggled her—something no amount of training or human intervention could have accomplished. 
Olive works with 10-25 youth on a weekly basis and brings a sense of security and calmness to our youth center. The kids light up when they run through the door and see Miss Olive waiting to play fetch, be taken for a walk, or snuggle up during arts and crafts. Olive is very busy visiting local courtrooms, police departments and youth centers all around Southern NH and has become accustomed to the many hugs, kisses, gasps of admiration and “isn’t she just the perfect dog?” comments She is a real miracle worker and I am so grateful for her love and companionship.
Boonefield Labrador’s told me that once I welcomed Olive into my life, I would forever be a part of the “Boonefield Family” and not a day goes by where that isn’t the case. 

Forever Grateful, Chelsea S.

Yesterday we had a choice of leaving our 2 month old puppy home for hours, or taking him to our granddaughter’s first birthday party & exposing him to multiple people he had never met.  With the approval of our son & daughter-in-law, we brought Tucker to the party.  Due to the wonderful socialization he received from Peggi & David Brogan, he behaved beautifully.  He found a quiet corner in the kitchen, and spent most of the visit there.  With supervision, he charmed everyone & everyone commented on his good manners.  He sat on laps and was very gentle with the children.  Thanks to his great training we were all able to enjoy the party.

Arlene L.

We adopted Ronan on November 24, 2017.  We requested to get him a little earlier than the proposed pick up date because “Dad” was traveling for work the following week and we wanted as much time as a family to get adjusted.  Peggi and Dave went above and beyond to make this happen.  When we picked up Ronan, Peggi sat with us and went through his daily routine, health record, and gave us a nice “starter set.”  It was obvious our new family member had a great start in life with people who loved him, cuddled him, and played with him.  We brought Ronan home to a family of 3 kids and another dog.  Given his start, his adjustment was positive and he naturally fell into place.  He adds so much joy to our family.  He has the sweetest personality and we love him to pieces.  We can’t thank Boonefield Labradors enough for loving, socializing, and caring for our boy the way they did his first 8 weeks of life.  We promise to stay in touch and share pictures as he grows.

Meghan and John S.

Almost 2 years ago we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet Peggi & David Brogan, owners of Boonefield Labradors while searching for my husband’s Christmas present…an English Lab. After contacting them we were all invited to come see the puppies and allowed to play with ALL of them, not just the one that was going to be ours, now named Tundra. It was like time stopped after we left that day just waiting for her to be with us, but then emails came with pictures and milestones accomplished, it was amazing! On Christmas Eve, Peggi & David delivered her to us due to our crazy schedule, this was above and beyond if you ask me!! Tundra has a great personality, affectionate, smart, loves to swim, isn’t afraid of the vacuum (actually wants me to vacuum her) has the sweetest eyes, loves the cat, and my favorite – her thick fur and zipper on her forehead. I tell everyone about how great our experience with Boonefield Labradors was and still is! Thank you Peggi & David for all of the time and love you spent on these puppies! You are AMAZING!! #1 Boonefield Labradors

Linn H.

Whether you’re looking for a family pet or a sporting partner, you can’t go wrong with Boonefield Labradors. Peggi & David have committed their lives and their home to breeding beautiful, sound, gentle Labs. I am so happy with my puppy, he’s amazing with children, other dogs, and everyone he meets. And probably the best behaved puppy I’ve ever raised. Our puppy is amazing. He’s calm, friendly, and adorable! I’m so glad I found Peggi and David. They care deeply for their dogs and their breed.

Kim W.

Boonefield made us feel like family from the very first time we met! They welcomed us into their home with open arms. We could not have asked for a better experience with adding an addition to our family. The love and affection that they have for their dogs and their puppies is infectious; the experience is out of this world. We cannot talk about this wonderful experience enough. We would recommend them to anyone interested in getting a Labrador!

Bruce & Lauren W.

We discovered Boonefield Labradors through a friend. Previously we had no experience with breeders as we had adopted or inherited our last pups/dogs. But hands down, from here on out, we will always work with Boonefield. They are above par the most ethical, knowledgeable and CARING owners in the business.”

Jill B.

My family will forever be grateful for having found Boonefield Labradors! It is very clear Peggi and Dave have a genuine passion for the breed and a love for their labs that is unsurpassed! One year in and we couldn’t imagine having a more gentle and beautiful fur baby for our family than our “Ollie”. It has been so wonderful to have such a supportive, loving, and passionate breeder along the way. Thank you Peggi and Dave, you do it all right!

Cindy D.

At Boonefield Labradors, Peggi and David Brogan breed top quality English Labs. Although it lies just off the main road entering their driveway is like entering Peter Pan like Never Never Land of English Labs. Before you is a huge barn under construction and outside that structure, staring at you from a large grassy fenced in field are magnificent looking yellow, black and chocolate labs, some puppies but most grown. And what all the dogs and the even the unfinished barn exude is love, calmness and ordered serenity.
All Boonefield’s correspondence contains a powerful post- script that affirms poetically that ‘dogs help to make our lives complete’, Peggi and David live that postscript. Their house is a happy one with enough room for their many dogs to be nurtured with all that love and care Peggi and David offer.
Prospective dog owners are welcomed into and made to feel a part of this loving household My now three month old puppy ,Oaken, is all that I could have hoped for- He glows with the same warmth and closeness that permeates Boonefield Labradors.

Jacob & Geraldine L.

Peggi and David are amazing breeders who care so very much about the labs they breed. When you first meet them they open their arms to you. They are warm, friendly and caring people who make an instant connection with you. After you leave, you feel part of their family and you know that they produce top quality labadors. I feel very blessed to have found them. I highly recommend them to others who are looking for labrador puppies.

Marcia S.

Having just brought home young Tully from Boonefield Labradors, we are amazed at his demeanor and the results of his puppy training. Peggi and David have done a remarkable job in making sure our, and Tully’s, experience was as smooth and painless as possible. They are indeed the breeders everyone should hope for when going through the process of finding a new companion for their homes. Sweet dispositions and beautiful dogs…its been a pleasure, and we feel lucky to have found them.

Kathy B. and Pete H.

I am a librarian at a K-8 school and Peggi and Boone have visited our library so that students can come and read to Boone. The experience has been rewarding. The students feel comfortable enough to read aloud, Boone is a very good listener. It also helps to relax students, gives them time with a therapy dog, and of course Boone loves the attention. Thank you, Peggi, for bringing Boone to us and sharing this experience with our students!!!

Cheri Nutting, Marlborough School

Every experience that we have had with Boonefield has been excellent. My students have loved interacting with the puppies and reading to Boone. Each encounter with the therapy dogs has been a calming and joyful experience that I would encourage any educator to welcome into their classroom!

Rachel Goldreyer, Preschool Teacher

I am a pediatric Speech Language Pathologist and I absolutely LOVE when I have the opportunity to incorporate a therapy dog into my Speech-Language sessions! Because dogs don’t talk back or ask 100 questions, they are an easy and comfortable communication partner. This helps kids let their guard down and let communication flow. Early communicators can’t help but label the dog’s body parts, their actions, and their attributes. They practice giving demands and directions like “stop”, “sit”, and “come”. Children who stutter find themselves matched with a furry partner who decreases the communication pressure by demanding nothing of them but a few belly scratches. Children with language delays practice their pronouns, categories, and perspective taking skills. Above all, adding a therapy dog to our therapy session adds so much JOY!

Alexandra Blais, Speech-Language Pathologist

Words can’t describe how grateful I am to be able to work with Peggi Brogan and Boonefield Labradors.  As the Director of a small public library, one of the greatest challenges I face is providing the programming the residents of town want and deserve while staying within my limited budget.  Peggi approached the library, volunteering to bring therapy dog Boone to the library every week during our summer reading program last year.  The “Read to Boone” program was a great success….and certainly one of the highlights of the summer.  Since then, we’ve collaborated on a National Puppy Day story time with Boonefield pups, and have another on the schedule. I look forward to working with Boonefield Labradors and Peggi — and I am sure our patrons do, too!

Donna Straitiff, Ingalls Library

Peggi brought four of her Boonefield pups to PheasantWood Center last Fall to the absolute delight of residents and staff. How heartwarming it was to see some serious puppy love in action. We actually witnessed something pretty remarkable! A newly admitted gentleman was facing some serious health challenges. He said he felt like he was falling apart but when that puppy was placed in his arms, all those negative emotions disappeared and he just knew that everything was going to be all right. That is puppy power at its best. Thank you, Peggi, for sharing such joy with us.

Judy Rousseau - Activities Assistant/Volunteer Coordinator

Peggi and her pups are amazing!! Always willing to drop everything and come to help our students, we have come to rely on her compassion (and flexibility) in times of need and stress. The reception, and reaction from our students when the Boonefield family arrive on campus is nothing short of euphoria and has easily become our most anticipated and popular event on campus. The pups never disappoint!”

Jim O'Loughlin, Academic Services Coordinator, Franklin Pierce University

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